Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Princess Bride

It's weird that one of the big things of my childhood had no name. Actually, it did, but I didn't find out the name until around April this year.
There were a few very vague memories in my mind: me and my younger sister, me about five or so, her about three or four, watching a movie; me freaking out when a guy dressed in black is attacked by something that looks like a wolverine; one very pale guy wiping the blood of the guy-in-black's shoulder; a sword fight; three guys getting into a castle, two of them supporting the other.
At thirteen, I tried to join together these memories into one ultimate movie, but I couldn't mark anything down. It wasn't until my dad told me to watch The Princess Bride with him on FOX Movies Premium when the memories started flooding in.
I had my doubts as it started (actually, we got on a little late, so we started watching just after that one guy was poisoned by the wine), but I knew I recognized the movie from somewhere. Ultimate confirmation came when Westley was attacked by the Rodent of Unusual Size; that was the most distinct memory of my childhood.
You know, it's actually really awesome to watch an old movie from your childhood. You understand it more for one thing…
Oh, here's a Stix Animals comic I made; based off the Princess Bride, in case you don't guess yourself…


  1. I like your blog and the picture you made! It looks pretty cool:)

    1. Thanks… I didn't know people still read my blog…