Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunway Lagoon!! WHOO!

I'm back from Sunway Lagoon…
Woah… Geez.
It might've been because I was extremely tired, but the entire day seemed to have a slightly surreal quality to it. But it was awesome…
I was woken up at around eight. I like sleep a lot, so I pretty much almost fell back to asleep. But I knew I really wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon (even better: youth group), so I got my bathing suit, clothes and other stuff together in zombie mode. It wasn't until we were outside the place, in the blazing morning sun, when I started to wake up.
We (my sister, a small portion of the youth group and I) started off just hanging out at the wave pool. A place with artificial beach waves. It might been more awesome if they had been stronger, but still, we had fun. When Londi came, we dumped all our bags onto a picnic table and left her there. (That sounds a little… coarse, but that is basically what we did).
We all knew what we wanted to do first.

The Vortex.
(Photo credit: Facebook, Sunway Lagoon Malaysia)

-insert DUN DUN DUN music here-

It. Was. Fantastic. It was well worth climbing the stair four times just to ride it again…
On the first time, I was terrified. Mainly because we were freaky high (I'm afraid of heights), and also because I knew that there would be a roller coaster sensation moment at one point. I screamed the entire way.
I loved it.
Jack, our youth intern, who was in the raft with me and a couple unknown people, was also yelling, but only because he wanted to freak people out.
On the second, third, and fourth time, I didn't exactly scream. I more yelled "WHOOHOO!" and "YEAH!" and "COME ON!" like a daredevil maniac. I can't remember much of the second ride, only that Ilona was with me, and she was the one who was backwards. When we got to the roller coaster sensation place, she turned, and screamed. Her face, which was partly laughing, was priceless.
I can't really remember the third time, but I remember the fourth; I was with my sister (Hawk/Myrddin), Lydia, and a friend of her's, Makaya (I have no idea if I spelled that right).
The three of them were screaming the entire way (because they wanted to freak people out), and there was this one moment when we got to the steep slide…
Lydia had been with us the last two times, and both those times, she was backwards. Makaya wanted to be backwards this time, so she decided to sit where Lydia was going to sit. It worked. But when we went down the roller coaster sensation slide, she let out a huge scream.
I was laughing so hard I couldn't make any sound at all…

After that, we (the youth group) went down a few more slides, that weren't quite as awesome. I was really tired by then, and so I just rested by the picnic table, where Jack had replaced Londi.
Later, Myrddin, Parsa, Josh, Vince, Piers (Ilona's younger brother) and I went to this place where very, very powerful jets are blasted up a slanted slide looking thing (only it's a lot wider then a slide). Basically, you can do artificial body boarding there.
I was enthusiastic, because last time I did body boarding… it was so awesome!!! Vince didn't do it though; Piers had disappeared. Apparently he had gone back to the picnic table and joined another group to do something else, but we didn't know that then.
Myrddin and I went first. I wiped out pretty soon the first time. On the second time, I personally think I did reasonably good…
When Parsa and Josh had finished their round, Vince had come back, and we walked off to do something else. We found something else with some sort of dirt bike ride. They looked really sweet, so we decided it would be cool to do this.
We didn't stick around long. The line wasn't moving at all, and also a group of girls came over asking us if they could go ahead of us, saying they were in a competition and all that jazz. Some guy was following them with a camera with a large microphone attached to it. Nothing much was happening, so  we let them pass and let them try to convince the people in front of us to let them go ahead. We left then.
Myrddin, Josh and Vince wanted to go on the zip line. Parsa and I objected; the line was long, at least a half hour worth of waiting, and neither of us were fond of heights. So only Josh, Vince and Myrddin went. We headed back towards the picnic table.


Ok, so my mind was a bit of a blur then. All I know is that at least more than an hour of time passed, and I'm sure we (the rest of the youth group) did something. Anyway, we got dressed out of our bathing suits and headed for the amusement park. Jack and Josh stayed behind to wait for Vince, Josh and Myrddin.
The first thing we did at the amusement park was go on the pirate ship. It was one of the rides that goes back and forth, higher and higher, until they do a 360°, before slowly rocking to a stop. None of us thought many of the rides were scary, but we all agreed that the pirate ship was probably going to be the scariest.
So of course we rode it.
On the first time, we (Ilona, Piers, Lavinia and Fran) only just managed to catch the ride. I was sitting next to Ilona. I was tense, and enthusiastically, maybe something along the lines of manically, anticipating. When it started, I was just muttering the same thing over and over again.
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh…
Ilona just sat there, completely quiet, her eyes shut almost the entire time. I had a death grip on the chest retainer with my left hand, and was trying to keep my glasses on with the other. I remember as we started going vertical, that's when my mutterings turned into screams.
Three sixty…

Anyway, it was awesome, though I was kind of rocky when we got off. When we did, our automatic reaction: LET'S GO AGAIN! Lydia and Makaya had arrived just then, and they went too. Lavinia, Ilona, Fran and Makaya sat in the back row, while Lydia and I sat one row in front of them. It took a lot of time for the thing to get started; a few people kept on chicken-ing out.
We were getting impatient, and at one point Lydia unbuckled her seat belt to stand up and see what was going on. Then, as soon as she sat down, the leg retainer came down, preventing her from buckling her seatbelt. We both freaked, yelling that she hadn't put on her seatbelt. We were so relieved when they stalled yet again so she could buckle her seatbelt. And finally we were off.
I changed my words, and also I put a bit more volume into their volume.
Holy snap! Holy… Snap! Snap snap snap snap snap!
I also did a bit more of "WHOOHOOOOOO!"
And we managed to do two three sixties, there was so much momentum.
I was beginning to get a little bit sick, so I wasn't quite as vocal towards the end of it.
Later, back on the ground, as it turned out no one knew where Vince, Josh and Myrddin were. Parsa and Jack had gone to look for them; they had been gone for a little more than two hours.
I was getting very anxious, and when my dad called to pick us up, I had to tell him that Myrddin was pretty much lost. Londi was also anxious, and wondering if Vince had gone somewhere in the park else without us knowing. And the park is pretty big.
At least ten minutes later, Londi got a call from Jack. He'd found them. And they had only just reached the top of the zip line. Why anyone would stay in a line for two hours I had no idea. Myrddin was going to go down, and as soon as she hit ground, Jack would head her our way. After another several minutes, finally they came. Apparently Vince had convinced the two of them that it would be well worth the wait.

And thus was the story of my best day ever (in this week at least, and that's saying a lot because actually, this week hasn't been that bad either).

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