Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laser Tagging; goodbye, Vince :(

So my sister (Myrddin/Hawk), some of the TRUE youth group and I went laser tagging today. It was really fun! And it was also a sort of goodbye thing for our intern, Vince…
Let's see, Ilona, Leeann, Fran, Josh, Vince, Michael, Jeremy, the Holtby brothers (Jack, Nathanael and Isaac), Myrddin, Londi and I were there. Londi didn't play; she was on the observation deck (as I call it), watching us shoot each other and laughing at us.

(Josh and Vince having lunch)

Game one: four teams
Team: yellow
Name: Nitro
Teammates: The Holtby brothers and a boy who I don't know
This game actually went really well. Maybe it's because I'm getting better at it (actually, this is my third time doing it). As soon as I went in, I shot straight for the top floor, ducked behind a wall, and waited.
I totally felt like a sniper when the game started; I was shooting everything that blinked downstairs, and it was so fun shooting people who were alone, and have them acting like "what the heck?" Jack kept on bumping into me, scaring the heck out of me; luckily, I didn't shoot him. (Isaac shot Jack at one point, and Jack freaked, saying "WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM!" I didn't see it, but Londi did, and she thought it was hysterical).
Eventually, I got bored, and ran down the stairs (the ramp, whatever). I got shot more often, but I was still really successful in shooting people. I kept on shooting Myrddin, who was obviously having fun, and freaking out at the same time (it was her first time), and bumping into Josh, who was pretty much the main person I kept on shooting.
Our team was third place, and I was number one on my team. WHOO! That's the highest I've been, even on my team!

Game two: three teams
Team: red
Name: Raven
Teammates: Isaac, Ilona, Michael and some other people I don't know
For once, this team had a strategy: Ilona and I would snipe from the top floor, while Isaac and Michael tried to shoot the snake at the bottom floor. The snake is one of the things that you can shoot for extra points; but the problem is… well more than one problem: it can shoot back at you, a lot of other people also want to shoot the snake, and we're reasonably sure the stupid thing can shoot through walls.
But it all worked reasonably well, though the boys eventually gave up and came up to the top with us. I played the entire game up in the place I had been during the beginning of the first game. I had my hoodie pulled over, so I felt really cool.
I gotta say, I think I'm a reasonably good shot: there was this one person in a blue vest who was remaining in the same place down on the first floor, pretty far away, but I could see the blinking lights through a small hole among the piped on the walls. I kept on shooting that person, and obviously, the had no idea where I was.
Some people are smarter, so they will sometimes look up and shoot the sniper up there. I got shot a lot in this manner. And Josh also bumped into me again in my hiding place. I kept shooting him until he got out.
The red team was second place, and I placed second on the team list, after Ilona (Shadow). WHOO! Still pretty good; Ilona's a killer.

Game three: four teams
Team: green
Name: Impulse (oooh, I really like that; I think I'll use that again)
Teammates: Jeremy and Michael, and a bunch of other people I don't know.
I was really tired by this time, and since I didn't know anyone on my team (except for Jeremy and Michael), I was kind of lazy in this game.
I ran all over the place, hoodie pulled over my head, and getting shot every ten seconds. Still, I did pretty good; our team got third place, me placing second after Michael (Maximus). Wow, was he quite the killer!

Everyone is going to miss Vince, but at least we had a good time…
(Photo by our youth group leader, Londi)

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