Thursday, July 25, 2013

A bit of my writeress cousin

My cousin, the youngest child of my mom's sister, is a writer. A real professional too. She's about a year or so older than me, though there is a moment when we are the same age; she has a lot of names, but I call her Bex.
Around when I was eleven I started writing stories. I wince at them, reading them now, but I was very proud of myself at the time, especially after I completed one. So when I found out that Bex also wrote, we promised each other that we would each send our stories to the other. I could never get around to sending her my story, but I did receive hers.
I loved it. It was of fantasy/adventure genre, and even though she was eleven or twelve, I felt like I was reading a book written by a real professional, even though it wasn't a complete story (she was still writing it).
There was about a two year gap in which we hardly contacted each other. I was thirteen, and I still read her story with excitement. As I was older, I still had criticism about the story; some crucial details were missing completely, a few details about the plot were also missing and everything was a bit rushed. The environment of one scene was also kind of obscure, making me kind of confused. Even so, I knew that with the right amount of editing, it would be made into the awesome story I already saw.
Then, finally, I was able to contact Bex. We were ecstatic (or at least I was; it's hard to tell through e-mail), and we talked mainly of writing. I was writing a lot of stories, one of them being my main focus masterpiece. Again, we exchanged stories, me sending her a few of mine, her sending me a few of hers. And again, she amazed me.
When we contacted each other again, I complimented her; the intense mystery in one story, the clear adventure in another… I loved them. It was then that I remembered the story Bex had sent me two years ago. I reminded her of it.
"Oh, yeah. That was awful!" was her response.
I objected, but we soon were talking about other things (I lost that story, among my precious stories, when our hard drive crashed; fortunately, I was able to get all MY stories back from Bex and her sister, my other awesome cousin, to whom I had sent them).
Anyway, about a week later, I asked her to send me a story which she had apparently been writing for awhile. She was planning to make a trilogy, and had apparently finished the first book, though she was still editing it. I had helped her create the look for the bad guy of the story, and I was intrigued. She sent the first book to me, and when I opened it on Pages, my automatic reaction was to yell, "Holy geez!" The story was 154 pages or so long!
The story was the most intense, and mysterious story I've read (of hers, at least) for a long time. The bad guy kind of freaked me. And the end of the book was one of the most horrible cliffhangers I've read since a long time… I begged Bex to send me the second book when she had finished it. Unfortunately, she was still editing the first book, and was stuck in writers block… Argh! I haven't received anything since that story…
Oh yeah. There is this one character, an Asian girl, who is a real girly girl, who everyone is intent of protecting from everything, who is described as innocent and gullible, who is most clearly mooning over some boy, (the main boy to be exact, who acts like a real jerk towards her; in fact, he is one of my least favorite characters; I don't see what the main girl sees in him), and who is eventually killed by carbon monoxide after being very clearly tricked by the bad guy…
Oh yeah, and the girl is named after me.
I love you too, cuz…

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