Saturday, June 8, 2013

Giving Friendliness

She feels kind of sick in her stomach as she looks at the simple object in her hands. Only a little piece of something a lot more valuable. Simple, yet beautiful. She gives it everyone, whether they be friend or stranger. And they loved it. But there were always times when a friend would give it back to her, saying kindly that they did not want it at the moment. She understood of course. But holding a previously given object sent a chill through her heart, making her feel ill. What if all the objects she had given were given at the wrong time? She tries to hold back a tear. Was this self pity? The last thing she wanted to be defined as was one who cared only for herself. But what she is, is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She sighs and lets a tear and more fall onto the object. Slipping it into her pocket, she consoles herself with the fact that she could give it back when the time was right. With that cheerful thought, she goes home, still giving to anyone who cares to meet her.

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