Sunday, May 26, 2013

TRUE paintball

So, my youth group went paintballing (and judging by the yells, it puts a bit more emphasis on PAIN). And while I wouldn't play myself, (hurt my knee) I got some awesomeastic moments on my new iPad. :D This will probably be my best kept memory of TRUE ever…

Isaac not wanting a picture (I'll get it sometime! Mwahahahah)!

Joash, showing 'irritating' confidence.

Poor Vince… It's intern season…

The Black assassin!

The Black Team!

The Camo Team!

Come at me!

Careful strategizing.

Jeremy, Vince, and Joash, proudly the first three to lose both lives.

My sister, the Hawk, proudly showing her painted arm…
…and the fact that she, the probie, beat the Black assassin.

Jack and Joash being guys.

Joash, still retaining his swagger, even in defeat.


Londi, proudly showing her stash of PAINtballs…

Isaac, taking shots at Vince probably…

Poor, beaten interns.

(Ow, that hurts just to look at it)…

Vince, bruised, Londi, virtually unscathed, Jack, bruised…

Readying to go.

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