Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beloved memories

Treasured memory number one: 2007
Location: America
The three Brubaker gals having a 'slumber party' (if you could call it that: we lived in their house for the best part of a year) with the Packer gals.

Treasured memory number two: 2010
Location: Malaysia
Little Lydia, finally getting up the courage to pet a baby chick.

Treasured memory number three: 2011
Location: Malaysia
Dinner with the DeHarts. The four Brubakers, Lydia, and the DeHart girls (my big sisters :3), proudly showing our stacked creation.

Treasured memory number four: 2012
Location: Malaysia
The firsties of the Friend 2 Friend group.

Treasured memory number five: 2012
Location: Malaysia
Friend 2 Friend secret Santa Christmas celebration!

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