Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dove's ninth birthday!!!!

My littles sister has turned nine today!!!! She's already received some presents from her family.

Me: A couple cute animal charms for her charmless charm bracelet.
Hawk: A yo-yo.
Lion: A new notebook and a ceramic jewelry box.
Mom and Abba: A hand-me-down iPod touch.

She was really excited about the last one because she's always wanted a camera, and also really wants her own place to play games (she's been using my dad's iPad or Lion's).
Tonight, we're gonna go to a Mexican place and meet a few friends. The Mexican restaurant is sort of known for, on your birthday, putting a sombrero on your head, singing Happy Birthday, giving you cake and ice cream, then taking a picture of you in the sombrero.
And also having cartoons on the TV, which is probably part of the reason why Dove wants to go there in the first place…

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