Monday, April 22, 2013

Davy Jone sounds like Hardy boys (Whaaatt?)

Me asking my littlest sister to fetch me a book.

Me: Could you please hand me the first blue one?
Raewyn: Ok. -looks through my shelves, then hands me a Percy Jackson book-
Me: -laughing- Is this some sort of joke?
Raewyn: -also laughing- Fine. -goes back to the shelf, then hands me another Percy Jackson book-
Me: That's yellow!
Raewyn: Oh! You wanted…
Me: The first blue one!
Raewyn: There are, like, TWO blue ones at the end!
Me: The FIRST one.
Raewyn: Oh. -hands me The Arkadians by Lloyd Alexander-
Me: -laughing hard- No! The first blue one! It has the number one on it!
Raewyn: -obviously confused, looks back at my shelf. Finally picks out The Tower Treasure- Oh! -hands it to me- You mean the Davy Jones one!
Me: -laughing really really hard, wondering how she could get Davy Jones out of Hardy boys-

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