Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The ultimate wipeout…

I've been going through my posts on this blog and deleting the stupid ones. Jeez, there are more than a hundred!
Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's day!
Anyway, the stuff I'm going to be posting on this blog are still probably gonna be stupid. Or insane. Or both. The latter is most likely.
I know it looks like haven't been posting for forever (and technically, I haven't) but my last post was last week. I just deleted it. If you guys want to see my dumb posts before I delete them, you guys had better see them now. It's going to take a couple days… For me to delete the posts I mean.
I know this looks like yet another stupid post, and honestly that's how I view it. The stuff I'm gonna be posting on this blog will be my opinions on certain movies, whether they be in the theater or my favorite movies… Most likely I'll be posting the entire plot. ;)
Other times, I could be posting a bit of what I write.
Most of the time they will be my times with my friends. <3

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