Monday, February 11, 2013

Laser Tag for Chinese New Year!

Yup. Dude, I am sooooo tired, but so happy!!
If it wasn't for a last minute(ish) decision from my parents, today would be pretty much normal.
I nearly got lost at Mega Mall (I was seriously scared I would get lost) but thanks to Ilona, everything went, more or less, smooth.
Our party included Ilona's brother, Piers, the Holtby brothers, our intern Vince, Saskia and a friend of hers (I'm sorry, I can't remember your name).
We got ├╝ber lucky! Instead of 55RM for three games, it was 45RM for four games!! :D So, pretty much all I remember of my time in the game place was chaos, loud music and the occasional scream (made mostly by me).

Game one: Free for all. Laser tag name: Predator.
I spent most of my time running up and down the stairs (or ramp, whatever) and shooting anything that blinked. On no account was I gonna go downstairs, because that was Vince's terrain, and he is pretty mean with that gun. I got the heck scared outta me by Ilona about three times and crashed (literally) into Isaac twice. I won third place!! :D

Game two: Two teams. Laser tag name: Predator. Team: Green.
Some other kids (I didn't know) came into the game as well, so we were a bigger and crazier but nonetheless fun party. I went for a different tactic. Hiding in various nooks and shooting anything that blinked. Jack (was not on my team) was terrifying. He pulled out a black mask that had the words 'Evil' across the forehead in red letters. He is honestly the one I most remember shooting. I won third place again (in my team, which won second place).

Game three: Three teams (I think). Laser tag name: Enforcer. Team: Blue (I think).
I honestly can't remember much, only that more people had joined the party. I do remember that Vince was on my team (as he was for the second game, as well as the fourth) and he was acting like a drill sergeant or something. I won fourth place. And yes, Jack was still wearing his mask.

Game four: Four teams. Laser tag name: Hornet. Team: Green.
This was fun. There were a lot more kids (some of them little kids) and thus, more people to shoot (and to shoot me, but I look at it positively). I spent some of my time trying to shoot the snake. Who knew it could shoot through walls? That is so unfair. And some of my time halfway upstairs, where I shot anything that blinked, was going up the ramp, going down the ramp, fighting downstairs, fighting upstairs. Fuuunnn… ;3 I remember bumping into Jack a million times near the giant, very bright, tube thing that looked like a warp core from Star Trek (it's called a reactor or something) and shooting him. Still wearing his mask. I remember that thirty minutes into the game, someone was upstairs screaming "Rapid fire! Rapid fire!" It was Isaac. I won second place!!! :DDDDD

Now, I am exhausted…
I have no idea if my latest posts have been good reading, but I think it's good for me to write down about my times with my friends. :3
(Thank you for taking the picture, Saskia).

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