Sunday, February 10, 2013


I finally spent time with my friends! After a whole week! Such a long time… for me at least.
We spent most of our time in a circle, (I got there a bit late with the brownies, but I was still able to get some good food, including a delicious cupcake) listening to our leader talk.
The rest of our time was spent praying (which I was really thankful for, thanks) and thinking of crazy ideas to reach out to the less fortunate and tell people about Jesus. Honestly, I could only remember two of our (the twelves and thirteens… I'll get to the fourteens!! Just you wait!) good ideas. Crazy, (as is usual for Caden, the idea giver) but awesome.

One: Give cookies to our security guards (because who doesn't like cookies?)
Two: For some reason, I think I'll keep this one classified… MWAHAHAHA!

The rest of the ideas that didn't make it onto our ideas paper came from me, or involved us getting arrested… great Leeann. You're still awesome. :D
Totally total awesome way to kick off this month… (another awesome way would be to make ice cream cakes on the 2rd of Feb, but that's another story).
I left late, due to the fact that everyone wanted my brownies. :D Flattered! Hope you guys don't mind that they were gluten free. :P
I woke up really early for church today, and had a mild stomach ache for about an hour, which I think was the result of eating three cupcakes. (You're awesome, Leeann).

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