Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flykidz!!!! :)

Yeah, so that was last Saturday, but whatever. My constant memory of being there was jumping on the runway trampoline (as I call it) and saying, 'Oh crab,' the entire way. No shame.
I managed to do a handstand!! :D After about six tries (it might have been less) I finally managed to do it! Accomplishment!! :3
One if my other constant memories is not being able to do anything on the bar… even the guys could do stuff on the bar. On top of that, I got a wood burn.
Then there was pizza. :3 First, we heard announcements from Londi, then heard a bit of Vince's teenager story. Then there was pizza. Three slices… imma food junkie. :P
It was nice to talk to people. Now I just need to wait another few days and I can talk to people again.
The girl who loves her interesting life even if everyone else doesn't think it's interesting, OUT!

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