Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How're you feeling?

I'm mostly feeling very, very tired, as I have had some pretty bad sleep for the past few days. I'm also very lonely, as I have been since last Wednesday. Normally, I would have been doing something with my friends on Saturday… But I have great hopes for THIS Saturday.
I borrowed a Hardy Boys three-in-one casefiles* book from the library on Sunday, which has resulted in me reading it about seven times (roughly in a row), a really happy me and a pretty annoyed sister. No doubt, I'll be reading it more.
I've been suffering from writer's block, which is intensely annoying. I've also been churning a story idea in my mind, trying not to add too much excitement, which is, in my view, totally impossible unless I can control the floodgates…
I hope to give more attention to Abi, who has been lacking it ever since our new Wii games started working.
This is most of what's been going on in my boring life…

*The Hardy boys consists of about four series. Classic, casefiles (for slightly older people), secret files (for 8-10 year olds) and Undercover Brothers (for about 10 and older).

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