Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can't wait for tooommmooorrroooww!

Tomorrow is Saint Nick's day! I can't wait to give my sibling their gifts!
Rough story of Saint Nicholas day:

Nicholas was a rich dude. One night, he heard a girl crying. She was crying because she and her two sisters loved someone, but since their father was too poor to pay for a wedding, they couldn't marry. Nicholas was really upset about this. So he went back to his home, filled a bag full of money, went back to the girl's house, and threw it down the chimney. He waited for her to find it, before going back to his home, well satisfied. But as he lay in his bed, he thought of the girl's two sisters. So on the next two nights, he went through the same routine as the first time. And all the sisters were married, and Nicholas was happy. And he never told anyone about what he did.
The story of Santa Claus is a corruption of the story of Saint Nicholas. On Saint Nicholas day (December 6) children would put their shoes by the door, and in the morning, they would find them full of chocolate coins in remembrance of the money that Nicholas gave the girls. (There are different versions of the shoes thing, but this is the one I remember the most).

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