Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Safe Harbor

Smugglers killing a coast guard on a navy ship? Call NCIS!
Tony, Ziva and McGee, meanwhile, are about to try and play matchmaker for Gibbs and a pretty agent named Bourne. At least Tony is.
On the ship, Tony keeps on talking about how perfect they are. Drinking the same kind of coffee, saying the same things at the same time. Eg. "Did you see the shooter?" (to one of the coast guards). Later, on the ship, the team find an lebanese family hiding on the ship. Trying to be smuggled into the country. They report that they had no idea where the smugglers went. It doesn't really help that they don't trust the team. Except for the fact that the mother is probably starting to trust Ziva, who has a history something like her own.
In the office, McGee and Tony are trying to still find Gibbs' perfect girl among Agent Bourne's friends.

Tony: Wow. Her list of girlfriends is longer than mine!

The two guys were almost caught by Gibbs. X)
In Abby's lab, the Queen of the lab is trying to find the smugglers through there… ummmm… waste products. What does it reveal? That the family were only people on the ship.
In the office, Ziva, the two guys, and even Agent Bourne are trying to find the perfect girl. No luck.

Bourne: Gibbs.

Turn off the files and open up the case. Gibbs tells Ziva to go confront the mother. She confesses, but Ziva knows she's lying. There is a kind of touching conversation. Meanwhile, in Abby's lab, McGee is still trying.

Abby: You won't find the perfect woman for Gibbs.
McGee: Why?
Abby: He already has.
McGee: His first wife.

For those of you who don't know, Gibbs' first wife (Shannon Gibbs) and their daughter (Kelly Gibbs) were killed in a car crash. Ever since then, Gibbs hasn't had any permanent wives.

Later, after they arrest the father, who used to be a bomber and changed his identity, McGee is still trying. And he thinks he has her. But not quite. She's dyed her hair pure red. Later, a much later, after something particularly awkward between Tony and Bourne, Abby is trying to help Tony get some laundry detergent off the back of his pants in the office (after Bourne already tried). Suddenly:

Abby: That's not laundry detergent.
Tony: What?
Abby: Tony, take your off pants.
Tony: Now? You're gonna the stuff off?
Abby: Yes.

Then, Abby begins to cut the back off the pants and runs back to the lab with it… leaving Tony really awkward. Then Gibbs comes in… the older son in the lebanese family is the shooter and Ziva isn't answering her phone cause she is at the bottom of the ship.

Gibbs: Put your pants on DiNozzo.

Tony is understandandably frustrated. On the way to the ship, Abby calls them (McGee, Tony, Bourne and Gibbs). The stuff on Tony's pants was something for bombs. The son was planning to create a ginormous bomb. Dun dun duuuuuunnnn!
Gibbs drives faster. On the ship, they find out that the younger son is the bomber. They catch him about to detonate it. The mother wants to know why. He says to avenge his sister, who was killed as a little girl by American bombs. Long story short, they manage to keep him from doing it.
In the office (it's night time by now), the guys, Bourne and Ziva have found the perfect woman! In comes Gibbs. The team reveal their find. Gibbs has already dated her. The team awkardly gets back to their desk.

Bourne: Your team reckons you're lonely. Are you lonely Gibbs?
Gibbs: No.

Bourne is soon getting back to her own stuff and Tony and McGee ard getting back home. But Ziva stays, talking to Gibbs about how much the lebanese mother loves her children. Then:

Ziva: Are you lonely Gibbs?
Gibbs: You're never alone when you have kids. [kisses Ziva on the forehead] 'Night kid.

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