Thursday, September 13, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Head Case

Well, Gibbs' NCIS team has found some grand theft autoers thanks to recently stolen car. And there is a cooler in the trunk. What's inside it? A head.

Later, in the office,
Ziva: Girlfriend?
Tony: Can I check my e-mail please?
Ziva: Sure! Didn't know your nickname was Honey buns.

McGee: I hacked the computers.
Tony: Oh… is that illegal?
Ziva: I'm sure it isn't.
Tony: I wonder what the penalty is.
Gibbs: Not as high as the punishment for checking your e-mail on my watch… Honey buns.
Tony: [smacks his head]

Ziva: If the glue sticks.
McGee: Shoe fits.

McGee and Tony find a freaky voodooish place,
Tony: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
McGee: That we just walked into an episode of the X Files?

Tony: [spies a cooler exactly like the one the head was found in] Open that up probie.
McGee: Why don't you do it?
Tony: Who's the senior field officer?
McGee: Gibbs.
Tony: I mean IN THIS ROOM who is the senior field officer? Open that up.

Back in the office,
Tony: This guy's apartment makes McGee's look like the four seasons.
McGee: What exactly is wrong with my home?
Tony: Nothing a bulldozer and a lick of paint won't fix.
McGee: At least I wasn't afraid to open a cooler.
Tony: I wasn't afraid to open the coo...
Gibbs: [smacks their heads]
Tony: Shutting up boss.

When McGee, Tony and Ziva can't tell Gibbs something major,
Abby: Ducky and I found something minejor. Like, not major but, not minor.

When they find a giant freezer with body parts in it,
Tony: Do you know what this reminds me of?
Ziva: One of your stupid voodoo movies?
Tony: No. My uncle's shop. He's a butcher.
McGee: Yet another reason that I'm considering becoming a vegetarian.

In Abby's lab,
Abby: I found him!
McGee: We! We found him!

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