Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Enemy on the Hill

Abby is gonna donate a kidney to an eighteen year old. Everyone is surprised… even Gibbs! Then in comes the FBI dude. Caught a bad guy who got hit by a car.

Tony: Good job detective! You arrested the unconscious man! Did you cuff him while he lay on the sidewalk?
Ziva: [laughs]

They need help to see who he was going to kill. When they think they found him (a navy commander) they tell him that he needs to be shadowed so he can stay safe. He is skeptical about his life being in danger, but…

Commander: [looks as Ziva] And who will be the agent shadowing me?
Ziva: [winks]

Abby goes to Ducky to talk to him about the kidney donation. Apparently, the hospital has found another person, a young man, who has the same kind of kidney. In fact, he has 99.9 the same DNA as Abby… enough for them to be siblings…
Meanwhile, Tony and McGee go to the hospital to interview the bad guy. And guess what! He flatlined. Later, in the office.

Tony: He evaded the FBI for years in plain sight. I gotta admire the man.
Gibbs: [smacks him] He's a mass murderer.
Tony: Despicable.

Abby is trying to find out if her parents had another child. She tried calling her aunt, but she (her aunt) is suffering from memory loss. McGee is trying to comfort her.
McGee and Tony are going to some guy's place, called Drew Turner. The person who opens the door is a pretty brunette.

McGee: Drew Turner?
Drew: Yeah.
Tony: You're a woman.
Drew: What gave it away?

Tony, typically, decides to throw the old DiNozzo charm at her. McGee kept looking really annoyed. She became totally his. Meanwhile, in Abby's lab, she hasn't even gone through the evidence. Gibbs is obviously worried. The whole sibling thing is distracting her. She is going through male adoption files from her home state.
Later, Gibbs tells McGee to help find her brother so they can get the old Abby back. When McGee goes to check on her, she seems in a much better mood and is zipping through the evidence like crazy.
Then, much later, McGee finds Abby's long lost brother. When Gibbs shows Abby the address, he offers to go visit him himself. Abby said that she should do it herself. Gibbs agreed.
Later, she comes to Gibbs' place and is talking to him about how she wonders why her loving parents would give her brother up for adoption. Then…

Abby: I'm adopted, Gibbs.

She found out because she found a strand of her mom's hair in her locket… it doesn't match Abby's DNA…

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