Friday, September 28, 2012

Choose your own adventure

I read one today… I was a kid reporter and I got some pretty interesting endings.

Murder in the Family
By R.A. Montgomery

Died six times
Went into a coma and dreamed the whole thing once
Got a good story four times
Zombified (I think) once
Indefinite ending twice

Thursday, September 27, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Escaped

Agent Farnel is with his daughter, at one of her friend's birthday party's or something, when this escaped criminal (ex-petty officer) comes in and practically threatens him. He says that he is innocent and that he wants Farnel to reopen his case. Farnel can't do anything in front of his daughter. Long story short, Farnel has Director Shepherd jerk Gibbs out of retirement.
Meanwhile, McGee it talking through his teeth. Tony demands to know why. Ziva won't say, so he turns to his probie, Lee. McGee accidentally bleached his teeth. Then they see Gibbs, who is going upstairs to complain to the director. When he comes downstairs, Lee is trying to figure out what to do (Tony has Gibbs' desk, McGee has Tony's desk and Lee has McGee's desk). Gibbs practically ignores them and goes to a completely different place.

Tony: Ok, maybe he lost his memory again and forgot he quit his job.
Ziva: Wouldn't he be sitting at his OLD desk then?

Gibbs goes downstairs to Abby's lab with some Caf-POW. He asks her something and then Abby looks up a throw an enthusiastic mini party. Then Gibbs tells her that she is only here temporally. Abby is not happy (and that's putting it lightly). Gibbs asks her she can find something.

Abby: Anything… temporally reinstated Agent Gibbs.

Later, when Lee says that NCIS is much better off without Gibbs.

Abby: You do realize…
Lee: …that you can kill me without leaving forensic evidence behind? Yes.

Soon, the case is getting more complicated and Gibbs is getting more and more frustrated as he is missing Happy Hour in a canteena in New Mexico. He goes into the elevator, starts going to the lobby when the elevator starts going to a different floor… Abby's lab.
Abby is calling security, telling them not to let Gibbs leave the building. When Gibbs comes into her lab, Abby runs to him… then handcuffs his wrist to her own. Gibbs asks her to find out why the escapee knows every step the team is doing.
In the office, Tony is also getting frustrated. Gibbs comes in (un-handcuffed) and grabs Tony's phone… then pries it open with a knife. A bug.
I won't go into details, but they find the real convict… a guy who was trying to prove him innocent. He killed three guys and robbed a bank. Bought some pretty nice stuff as well.
Tony and his team are happily going back to the office. Ziva is saying that McGee sitting at Tony's desk is effecting him (McGee just used a DiNozzo move and got a date). Then they stop. McGee's desk (Tony's desk) is piled with Tony's stuff. Lee's desk is pretty empty… and Gibbs is sitting at his rightful place. With a mustache no less.

Gibbs: What?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Enemy on the Hill

Abby is gonna donate a kidney to an eighteen year old. Everyone is surprised… even Gibbs! Then in comes the FBI dude. Caught a bad guy who got hit by a car.

Tony: Good job detective! You arrested the unconscious man! Did you cuff him while he lay on the sidewalk?
Ziva: [laughs]

They need help to see who he was going to kill. When they think they found him (a navy commander) they tell him that he needs to be shadowed so he can stay safe. He is skeptical about his life being in danger, but…

Commander: [looks as Ziva] And who will be the agent shadowing me?
Ziva: [winks]

Abby goes to Ducky to talk to him about the kidney donation. Apparently, the hospital has found another person, a young man, who has the same kind of kidney. In fact, he has 99.9 the same DNA as Abby… enough for them to be siblings…
Meanwhile, Tony and McGee go to the hospital to interview the bad guy. And guess what! He flatlined. Later, in the office.

Tony: He evaded the FBI for years in plain sight. I gotta admire the man.
Gibbs: [smacks him] He's a mass murderer.
Tony: Despicable.

Abby is trying to find out if her parents had another child. She tried calling her aunt, but she (her aunt) is suffering from memory loss. McGee is trying to comfort her.
McGee and Tony are going to some guy's place, called Drew Turner. The person who opens the door is a pretty brunette.

McGee: Drew Turner?
Drew: Yeah.
Tony: You're a woman.
Drew: What gave it away?

Tony, typically, decides to throw the old DiNozzo charm at her. McGee kept looking really annoyed. She became totally his. Meanwhile, in Abby's lab, she hasn't even gone through the evidence. Gibbs is obviously worried. The whole sibling thing is distracting her. She is going through male adoption files from her home state.
Later, Gibbs tells McGee to help find her brother so they can get the old Abby back. When McGee goes to check on her, she seems in a much better mood and is zipping through the evidence like crazy.
Then, much later, McGee finds Abby's long lost brother. When Gibbs shows Abby the address, he offers to go visit him himself. Abby said that she should do it herself. Gibbs agreed.
Later, she comes to Gibbs' place and is talking to him about how she wonders why her loving parents would give her brother up for adoption. Then…

Abby: I'm adopted, Gibbs.

She found out because she found a strand of her mom's hair in her locket… it doesn't match Abby's DNA…

NCIS ep worth talking about: Safe Harbor

Smugglers killing a coast guard on a navy ship? Call NCIS!
Tony, Ziva and McGee, meanwhile, are about to try and play matchmaker for Gibbs and a pretty agent named Bourne. At least Tony is.
On the ship, Tony keeps on talking about how perfect they are. Drinking the same kind of coffee, saying the same things at the same time. Eg. "Did you see the shooter?" (to one of the coast guards). Later, on the ship, the team find an lebanese family hiding on the ship. Trying to be smuggled into the country. They report that they had no idea where the smugglers went. It doesn't really help that they don't trust the team. Except for the fact that the mother is probably starting to trust Ziva, who has a history something like her own.
In the office, McGee and Tony are trying to still find Gibbs' perfect girl among Agent Bourne's friends.

Tony: Wow. Her list of girlfriends is longer than mine!

The two guys were almost caught by Gibbs. X)
In Abby's lab, the Queen of the lab is trying to find the smugglers through there… ummmm… waste products. What does it reveal? That the family were only people on the ship.
In the office, Ziva, the two guys, and even Agent Bourne are trying to find the perfect girl. No luck.

Bourne: Gibbs.

Turn off the files and open up the case. Gibbs tells Ziva to go confront the mother. She confesses, but Ziva knows she's lying. There is a kind of touching conversation. Meanwhile, in Abby's lab, McGee is still trying.

Abby: You won't find the perfect woman for Gibbs.
McGee: Why?
Abby: He already has.
McGee: His first wife.

For those of you who don't know, Gibbs' first wife (Shannon Gibbs) and their daughter (Kelly Gibbs) were killed in a car crash. Ever since then, Gibbs hasn't had any permanent wives.

Later, after they arrest the father, who used to be a bomber and changed his identity, McGee is still trying. And he thinks he has her. But not quite. She's dyed her hair pure red. Later, a much later, after something particularly awkward between Tony and Bourne, Abby is trying to help Tony get some laundry detergent off the back of his pants in the office (after Bourne already tried). Suddenly:

Abby: That's not laundry detergent.
Tony: What?
Abby: Tony, take your off pants.
Tony: Now? You're gonna the stuff off?
Abby: Yes.

Then, Abby begins to cut the back off the pants and runs back to the lab with it… leaving Tony really awkward. Then Gibbs comes in… the older son in the lebanese family is the shooter and Ziva isn't answering her phone cause she is at the bottom of the ship.

Gibbs: Put your pants on DiNozzo.

Tony is understandandably frustrated. On the way to the ship, Abby calls them (McGee, Tony, Bourne and Gibbs). The stuff on Tony's pants was something for bombs. The son was planning to create a ginormous bomb. Dun dun duuuuuunnnn!
Gibbs drives faster. On the ship, they find out that the younger son is the bomber. They catch him about to detonate it. The mother wants to know why. He says to avenge his sister, who was killed as a little girl by American bombs. Long story short, they manage to keep him from doing it.
In the office (it's night time by now), the guys, Bourne and Ziva have found the perfect woman! In comes Gibbs. The team reveal their find. Gibbs has already dated her. The team awkardly gets back to their desk.

Bourne: Your team reckons you're lonely. Are you lonely Gibbs?
Gibbs: No.

Bourne is soon getting back to her own stuff and Tony and McGee ard getting back home. But Ziva stays, talking to Gibbs about how much the lebanese mother loves her children. Then:

Ziva: Are you lonely Gibbs?
Gibbs: You're never alone when you have kids. [kisses Ziva on the forehead] 'Night kid.

Friday, September 21, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Bloodbath

Guts in a hotel room. Drugs. Better call NCIS. Now, in order for this to be important, you need to know that Abby was testifying in court for an embezzling case. Director Shepherd and Ziva were trying to help her dress up 'normaly.' Tony came in to pick up Ziva for the case.

Tony: Good thing I caught up with you. Another minute and you guys would have been braiding each others hair.

In the office.
Tony: [takes a calendar out of McGee's trash] Nice calendar probie.
McGee: Hey!
Tony: You shouldn't have this stuff. It's bad for you.
McGee: It was a gift.
Tony: From who? Your nurse?
Gibbs: [appears behind him] No. From me.
Tony: Nice calendar boss.

Tony: The crime scene was staged boss. The victims were killed somewhere else.
Gibbs: Where?
Tony: What? Do I have to do all the work?
Gibbs: [gives him a look]
Tony: Getting right on it.

In Abby's lab, McGee is lurking around her door. Abby, of course, spotted him. She suddenly laughed and said that McGee was trying to catch a glimpse of her in her court clothes. McGee tried to deny it. Abby told him that she could read him perfectly. Then she noticed something. Suddenly, she dragged McGee down. The drugs she was testing were reacting to a chemical she had put in it. As a poison. The two ran out of her lab and secured it. Later, everyone else was trying to figure this out. Abby, NEVER makes mistakes.

Shepherd: But Abby doesn't have enemies. It's not like we're talking about DiNozzo.
Tony: Hey!
Shepherd: [gives him a look]
Tony: Ma'am.

Any way, it turns out Abby is being stalked. No.1 suspect: Abby's ex-boyfriend. But he had an airtight alibi (Gibbs, Tony and Ziva caught him in the middle of a practical joke, btw). Gibbs told McGee to bring Abby to his house to protect her. She forgot her toothbrush in his car and they had an argument. McGee told her to use a toothbrush he had no idea it belonged to. Abby said no way.

Abby: I'll just go get mine.
McGee: No!
Abby: I can take care of myself.
McGee: I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about me! What if Gibbs finds out?
Abby: Good point. You should go.
McGee: You're coming with me.
Abby: I'm staying here.
McGee: Then so am I.
Abby: Then I'll use your toothbrush.

McGee relented. He told her not to open the door for anyone. She agreed and he went out. The door was knocked and she checked it. It was McGee. He was really angry at her (he had to get his keys) and threatened to tie her up next time she did that.

Abby: Really? [gives freaky smile]

McGee went out. The door was knocked again and Abby answered it (I think she wanted to see if McGee would come up to his threat). It wasn't McGee. It was her ex-boyfriend. There was a bit of a fight were she broke McGee's typewriter and keyboard. Her ExB kept saying something about her being in danger and that he was trying to protect her. She obviously didn't believe him. She locked herself into the bathroom and looked for a new weapon while the ExB picked the lock. He came in and Abby was about to attack him with the toilet top. It was McGee. Her ExB had escaped.
Office scene. Ziva wondered why McGee didn't have a chair.

Gibbs: He doesn't deserve to sit.

Later, after McGee got his chair back, Gibbs went into the elevator, where Abby was sitting. She showed Gibbs her new weapons. A taser from McGee (or Tony), pepper spray from Ziva and metal knuckle rings from Director Shepherd. Gibbs comforted her. Meanwhile, the court is trying to figure out if Abby's evidence is reliable at this juncture. (dundunduuuuuun!)
Later, McGee is able to somehow track the ExB and Abby has moved back into her lab (she was planning to stay in the elevator). Before he left, Ducky gave her a safety whistle. Abby, of course, is ecstatic. I won't go into a long speech, but her ExB called her. He was looking right through the lab window. Freaky, yeah? Anyway, they caught him. He was zipped to interrogation. He promised that Abby was being stalked, but it wasn't him. He showed the pictures he had taken of Abby (if he wanted to stay under the radar as not the bad guy, he shouldn't have been taking pictures of her… from a distance no less) and pointed to the first one.
ExB: You see that creepy guy?
Tony: [points to McGee in the picture] That creepy guy?
ExB: No. [points to a guy more in the distance]

That 'creepy guy' showed up in every picture… and picked Abby up to bring her to court. And she didn't even know. Until he didn't let her pick up her phone (Ziva called her to warn her). I can't remember how they found the van, but Tony and Gibbs heard a safety whistle coming from a van. They opened the door and the 'creepy guy' fell out… on the end of Abby's taser.

Abby: You tore my skirt! [presses taser again]

When court was finished, the accused was found not guilty. But… he should have hired the 'creepy guy' to keep quiet as well as kill Abby. In your face man!
Meanwhile, Gibbs vented some fury at Abby's ExB. He was planning all kinds of crazy things. Including a fake suicide note in Abby's hand writing. Then the ExB went onto a huge speech on how he and Abby were made for each other, yelling to the other end of the glass, thinking she was there. But she wasn't…

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me doing math

362 x 2. Oh that's easy! Two times two is…
*mind goes blank and you stare at problem blankly… start thinking of other things… then…*
Two times two… oh yeah! Four!
*finish problem in under a minute*
Oh man! I have so few left! I'll be finished very quickly!
*takes twenty minutes (in your mind)*
FINISHED! Yeah! …Now it's time to do handwriting…

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Head Case

Well, Gibbs' NCIS team has found some grand theft autoers thanks to recently stolen car. And there is a cooler in the trunk. What's inside it? A head.

Later, in the office,
Ziva: Girlfriend?
Tony: Can I check my e-mail please?
Ziva: Sure! Didn't know your nickname was Honey buns.

McGee: I hacked the computers.
Tony: Oh… is that illegal?
Ziva: I'm sure it isn't.
Tony: I wonder what the penalty is.
Gibbs: Not as high as the punishment for checking your e-mail on my watch… Honey buns.
Tony: [smacks his head]

Ziva: If the glue sticks.
McGee: Shoe fits.

McGee and Tony find a freaky voodooish place,
Tony: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
McGee: That we just walked into an episode of the X Files?

Tony: [spies a cooler exactly like the one the head was found in] Open that up probie.
McGee: Why don't you do it?
Tony: Who's the senior field officer?
McGee: Gibbs.
Tony: I mean IN THIS ROOM who is the senior field officer? Open that up.

Back in the office,
Tony: This guy's apartment makes McGee's look like the four seasons.
McGee: What exactly is wrong with my home?
Tony: Nothing a bulldozer and a lick of paint won't fix.
McGee: At least I wasn't afraid to open a cooler.
Tony: I wasn't afraid to open the coo...
Gibbs: [smacks their heads]
Tony: Shutting up boss.

When McGee, Tony and Ziva can't tell Gibbs something major,
Abby: Ducky and I found something minejor. Like, not major but, not minor.

When they find a giant freezer with body parts in it,
Tony: Do you know what this reminds me of?
Ziva: One of your stupid voodoo movies?
Tony: No. My uncle's shop. He's a butcher.
McGee: Yet another reason that I'm considering becoming a vegetarian.

In Abby's lab,
Abby: I found him!
McGee: We! We found him!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Big, fantastic, wonderful, splendourifus, AWESOME NEWS! We have a dog! Yes! We own a dog! A beautiful female chihuahua puppy! We call her Anubis. :D We also call her Abi for short (after Abby from NCIS).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good time at True North yesterday :D

We are trying to figure out a new name for our youth group…