Friday, June 22, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Till death do us apart

NCIS 9 SEASON FINALE! I'll give you a more or less short version.
And arsonist becomes a terrorist and is bent on revenge on NCIS. He blames them for his son's death (he was in the navy and NCIS relocated him to a ship that got bombed). Palmer's wedding is close, and much to his dismay, none of Gibbs' team can come to it cause all of NCIS is bent on catching the terrorist. But Ducky told Palmer that he will come. Happy happy happy! :D Later, (fast-forwarding to near the end of the ep) as Palmer is art his wedding. Gibbs' finds out that there is a very powerful car bomb right outside the NCIS building!
Quickly, the entire building started evacuating.
Ziva and Tony moment: When they are telling people to get out of the building.
Tony : Ziva, get out of here.
Ziva : No! Not without you!
Ooooo... ;)
An arsonist who was arrested some time ago (by the FBI I think) and Gibbs were looking all through the car for the bomb when they FINALLY found it! The arsonist spotted Gibbs looking through Abby's lab window (her lab is in the 'basement' of NCIS but it still has windows) and told him to run down and get her and the he (the arsonist) would be able to deactivate the bomb. Gibbs, I guess, decided to trust him and ran back into the building. Just when the arsonist was going to cut the right wire, the phone (which was the thing that would activate the bomb) rang. Just a simple txt message. For Evan (the name of the terrorist's son).
Typically, Gibbs team (and a few other people) were the only ones who had not made it out of the building.
Ziva and Tony were in the elevator. My sister says that people grow closer together in traumatic incidents. Hmmm...
Abby was trying to collect stuff from her lab.
Gibbs ran down to get Abby.
McGee was trying to download stuff from his computer (typical McGee).
Meanwhile, Ducky was walking down a beach, when he got a call. He said something (that no doubt had to do with the bomb at NCIS) and then started feeling the effects of a heart attack.

Now.... I CAN'T WAIT for NCIS 10!!!!!!!!!!

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