Saturday, June 2, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Collateral Damage

New probies! Yay! New hot girls! Yay! No new probie on Gibbs team! Yay! At least thats what everyone thinks until Director Vance assigned, retired marine and now probationary officer, Dwayne Wilson to Gibbs team. Gibbs was really angry cause Vance didn't tell him about the probie. And Gibbs was a bit wary of any new officer ever since he recommended this one officer and he turned out to be a mole. Actually, Gibbs was second guessing his own judgement. Anyway, Tony though that they were going to only have one probie (meaning only McGee, who Tony still calls probie). But it turned out that a new probie could be quite useful. And not in the way the team thought.

After Gibbs told the team to do different things (except Wilson).
Wilson : Well.. can I help?
Ziva : Sure...
McGee : Long night...
Tony : Coffee.

But no. Actually, Gibbs told Wilson to stay in the car (thought he could be no help I guess). But it turned out that just as the bad guys were about to pull out of the parking lot, Wilson drove the car right in front of them and pretended that he had to pick someone up, thus stalling the dudes long enough for Gibbs and the rest of the team to detain them.

Going off subject, but there was this really funny part were Ziva was trying to find this specific part on a piece of security footage. McGee was trying to coach her, but she kept on rewinding too fast or fast forwarding to fast, thus passing the part over, and over again.

McGee : (pushing Ziva out of the way) Let me try. Honestly. You handle this like you handle your car.
Ziva : And YOU won't handle anything ever again if you DON"T LET GO OF MY MOUSE.

McGee seemed to think about it, then let go of her mouse. ;)

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