Thursday, June 7, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Caged

McGee is not a tough guy. I mean, come on! The mechanic fixing his car is taking advantage of him! When Tony pointed out that McGee was not tough, McGee said that he could be tough when he wanted to. In comes Gibbs. Dead marine. And only one person fits the M.O. A woman in a woman prison arrested by the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs said that everyone was sure of it, but just to be sure, they need a confession. Tony volunteered (obviously) saying that he would be the best to get her to confess. Ziva countered, saying that the best way was to do a woman-to-woman. Who should Gibbs choose? Of all three people on his team, he chose McGee. Tony was a bit cynical while Ziva said that McGee seemed to be able to convince a woman to do something.

McGee : Thank you Ziva.
Tony : (after McGee is gone) He's toast, isn't he?
Ziva : Oh yes... BURNT toast.

McGee was in the in the woman prison visitor center interrogation room, trying to get the woman to write down her confession, when he heard a loud riot outside. Suddenly, the other ladies came into the room and dragged McGee out.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Tony is having fun with the face morpher, changing McGee's face to a geeky grin to a look of comical horror. Abby came in to return McGee's video game (giggling at the morphed face of McGee) when Gibbs comes in. Something about some trouble at the woman's prison. Abby freaks out a bit, exclaiming that, "That's were McGee is!"
Gibbs told her to stay calm or something like that.

At the woman's prison, all the visitors are in a corner while McGee and three guards are handcuffed to the bars of the windows. All the ladies are having a huddle around a table... and a dead guard is on the floor. McGee asked what happened. Apparently, the guard came in bleeding and then collapsed. Then the ladies threw a riot, totally freaking out (afraid that they will be accused of murder).

I'll do a shorter version of what happened next. The ladies sent McGee a negotiator. In return for an injured guard and the visitors, NCIS must solve the murder of the dead guard (and leave McGee and the two other guards as hostages).

I won't go thru all the details, but the culprit was eventually found. It was, in fact, the woman who McGee had come to question in the first place. And yes, she DID kill that marine as well. McGee was back at the office and Abby met him with much enthusiasm. McGee got another call from the dude who was fixing his car (the man kept on pretending that McGee's car was taking longer and longer to fix, thus raising the price). Tony and Ziva watched with interest, waiting for McGee to protest against the price (as he has been for the past few days). Instead, McGee cheerfully told the guy to come to the original price and then reduce it by 10% and then have it parked outside NCIS by the time he leaves the building. Tony and Ziva looked at McGee in surprise.

Abby : Wow McGee. Your time in the Big House has changed you... I like it.

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