Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yep. I have finally joined Pottermore! :D I have a tabby cat for an avatar and my wand is Beech, Phoenix feather, 13 inches long and unbending. :) I went through Pottermore pretty slowly (mostly cuz I wanted to read the exclusive content from J.K. Rowling). But finally.. FINALLY I was getting sorted. My sister (Hawk) and one of my friends are both Hufflepuffs (Badgers, Puffs). Now.. on Pottermore, when they sort you, you need to take a personality quiz. You just have to answer absolutely honestly. And I did. Now... one of they questions was if I wanted to be known as: the Great, the Kind, the Wise.. bla bla bla bla bla. I chose Great. Now when I chose that, I didn't mean, like, fantastically famous. I just meant I wanted to be great at something (movies or geology). Anyway... I'm a Slytherin. I was surprised.... but let me tell you... Just because we are snakes does not mean that we are bad. We just get a bad rep cause we are in the same house as Malfoy. I'm willing to bet that the Gryffindors are totally vain just cause they are in the same house as Harry. Anyway, all the Slytherins are really nice. One has a sister in Ravenclaw and another was also really surprised when she was in Slytherin. Pottermore is fun!

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