Thursday, May 17, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Stakeout

I have no idea if most of you know what a stakeout is, but for those who don't know, here is roughly what it is: A secret surveillance of a person or a building. Anyway, as some of you might guess, the NCIS team was having a stakeout. And it was boring. They had been there for two weeks and nothing. McGee brought himself, and Tony some breakfast. Tony told McGee that he didn't like sunny-side up eggs and that he preferred them scrambled. In a slight temper McGee grabbed the box and shook it.
McGee : There. Its scrambled.
In response, Tony threw his burrito at him. Then they got into a fight. I think that the two of them were glad for a bit of distraction from the fruitless stakeout. In a different room, Ziva and Gibbs were together. Ziva wondered if Tony and McGee had killed each other yet. Thats when the two of them stepped in. Tony grabbed the binoculars and looked outside (please note : Ziva put ink on the rim). Gibbs decided not to tell Tony that it looked like he had glasses on (I think Gibbs was bored too). Tony did not know anything about it until he looked at himself through a self camera. Ziva spent the rest of the ep crawling around the floors and looking in the least likely places for Tony to put a booby trap for her. She even thought he put something underneath her car. And she thought that he did something with her food and generally acting paranoid. It wasn't until the end did she let her guard down. Thats when the expected prank came. Tony undid the screws on her office chair...

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