Thursday, May 10, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Corporal Punishment

I think this one is really worth talking about because Ziva falls in love in a very unusual way. The team was looking for a marine who was given too many steroids and had a mental problem (he thinks he is still in Iraq). And when they did find him, Gibbs managed to get him back to the present. But Timmy clicked some hand cuffs to his wrist and the guy went psycho. Flipped McGee, punched Tony and that is when Ziva tried to intervene. The guy landed a punch to her face. Normally, Ziva can resist punches, and when punches do land, she doesn't double back that often. But when the marine landed a punch on her, she gave a cry and reeled back. Tony and Gibbs managed to restrain him. When they got back, Ziva was sitting at her desk and Abby came to her acting very very worried about the bruise on her face. Ziva told her to get a grip and that besides, McGee had a dislocated shoulder and Tony had a broken nose. When McGee and Tony came back from getting patched up, they found out that Ziva had a 'couple seconds of feelings' after the marine punched her in the face. I remember they were standing around her desk, giving her a weird look. Anyway, they had to go to interview the marine in the hospital. The people at the hospital would only let Ziva and Gibbs in (though they only let Ziva in because she insisted and Tony warned them that they did not want to get in the way of her). The interview was going OK, with Gibbs doing all the talking, until the marine's heart rate dipped. The doctor said that they had to quickly put some adrenaline into him. Gibbs and the doctor held him down while Ziva controlled the needle. Tony and Timmy meanwhile were watching them on a security camera, and when Ziva pulled the plunger, they got worried.
McGee : She's playing pulp fiction!
Tony : On the Hulk!
And they bolted for the hospital room. Meanwhile, the marine went psycho again. He broke the restraints keeping him on the hospital cot. He broke a several things and then grabbed Ziva and pushed her up against the wall. Then it was what I would call a 'beauty and the beast' kind of scene. The guy was panting a crazed kind of way as he looked into Ziva's face. Then he kind of calmed down and passed out (or the doctor knocked him out with some drugs or something). Thats when McGee and Tony came in with guns drawn (the cavalry seems to be a little late). Ziva was on the ground in a kind of hugging position with the passed out marine.

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