Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heros of Olympus: What I feel about the books

The Lost Hero was an awesome book. It was very nice to come back to Camp Half-Blood. And read about Annabeth. But there was one key element that I missed. Percy Jackson. Which is the reason I actually like Son of Neptune more than The Lost Hero. Its because Sone of Neptune actually has Percy inside it. Its nice to get to know Percy all over again...

Monday, May 21, 2012


Thursday, May 17, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Stakeout

I have no idea if most of you know what a stakeout is, but for those who don't know, here is roughly what it is: A secret surveillance of a person or a building. Anyway, as some of you might guess, the NCIS team was having a stakeout. And it was boring. They had been there for two weeks and nothing. McGee brought himself, and Tony some breakfast. Tony told McGee that he didn't like sunny-side up eggs and that he preferred them scrambled. In a slight temper McGee grabbed the box and shook it.
McGee : There. Its scrambled.
In response, Tony threw his burrito at him. Then they got into a fight. I think that the two of them were glad for a bit of distraction from the fruitless stakeout. In a different room, Ziva and Gibbs were together. Ziva wondered if Tony and McGee had killed each other yet. Thats when the two of them stepped in. Tony grabbed the binoculars and looked outside (please note : Ziva put ink on the rim). Gibbs decided not to tell Tony that it looked like he had glasses on (I think Gibbs was bored too). Tony did not know anything about it until he looked at himself through a self camera. Ziva spent the rest of the ep crawling around the floors and looking in the least likely places for Tony to put a booby trap for her. She even thought he put something underneath her car. And she thought that he did something with her food and generally acting paranoid. It wasn't until the end did she let her guard down. Thats when the expected prank came. Tony undid the screws on her office chair...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Corporal Punishment

I think this one is really worth talking about because Ziva falls in love in a very unusual way. The team was looking for a marine who was given too many steroids and had a mental problem (he thinks he is still in Iraq). And when they did find him, Gibbs managed to get him back to the present. But Timmy clicked some hand cuffs to his wrist and the guy went psycho. Flipped McGee, punched Tony and that is when Ziva tried to intervene. The guy landed a punch to her face. Normally, Ziva can resist punches, and when punches do land, she doesn't double back that often. But when the marine landed a punch on her, she gave a cry and reeled back. Tony and Gibbs managed to restrain him. When they got back, Ziva was sitting at her desk and Abby came to her acting very very worried about the bruise on her face. Ziva told her to get a grip and that besides, McGee had a dislocated shoulder and Tony had a broken nose. When McGee and Tony came back from getting patched up, they found out that Ziva had a 'couple seconds of feelings' after the marine punched her in the face. I remember they were standing around her desk, giving her a weird look. Anyway, they had to go to interview the marine in the hospital. The people at the hospital would only let Ziva and Gibbs in (though they only let Ziva in because she insisted and Tony warned them that they did not want to get in the way of her). The interview was going OK, with Gibbs doing all the talking, until the marine's heart rate dipped. The doctor said that they had to quickly put some adrenaline into him. Gibbs and the doctor held him down while Ziva controlled the needle. Tony and Timmy meanwhile were watching them on a security camera, and when Ziva pulled the plunger, they got worried.
McGee : She's playing pulp fiction!
Tony : On the Hulk!
And they bolted for the hospital room. Meanwhile, the marine went psycho again. He broke the restraints keeping him on the hospital cot. He broke a several things and then grabbed Ziva and pushed her up against the wall. Then it was what I would call a 'beauty and the beast' kind of scene. The guy was panting a crazed kind of way as he looked into Ziva's face. Then he kind of calmed down and passed out (or the doctor knocked him out with some drugs or something). Thats when McGee and Tony came in with guns drawn (the cavalry seems to be a little late). Ziva was on the ground in a kind of hugging position with the passed out marine.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NCIS ep worth talking about: Lost and Found

I'll start is this way. Timmy (McGee) was leading a boys scout group on a field trip through NCIS. The kids were going through Abby's lab and Abby was using one of the boy's (Named Carson) fingers to show how the AFIS worked. She decided to use his print cause he is the one who asked how many tattoos she had. Abby joked that they would only get a hit if he had committed any crimes. Then, dramatically enough, AFIS got a hit. The kid's print was in the abducted list. Let the case begin! Now to under stand what I find so funny about this ep, you need to know more about Tony. He has a red ferrari named Magnum and loves all kinds of movies. Old and new. He is almost always comparing the case to some movie. Tony like jazz. And you guys do know that Tony is a ladies man. Now lets begin. Ziva was taking pictures of Carson's room and began laughing.
Tony: What?
Ziva: Look around you Tony! What do you see?
Tony spied a good movie poster, found some magazines with some hot girls on the covers underneath the kids bed. And Carson's bed was in the shape of a ferrari.
Tony: Its like Magnum!
Ziva: Yes! Exactly like Magnum!
Tony: Look! Even the wheel rims are the same!
Ziva: You're missing the point!
Tony: Oh yeah?
Ziva: Look around you Tony! Doesn't this remind you of someone?
Tony: No, not really.
And when Abby was playing a movie quiz game with Carson online, in which Tony was the champ... at least until Carson won by 1500 points. The kid had to stay at Director Shepard's house until they got the whole case resolved. Gibbs came to talk to Carson and heard some jazz playing and saw Carson reading a mag with a hot bod on it.
Gibbs: Ziva was right. DiNozzo.
Now, it was Palmer's turn to baby sit and he was playing the drawing game with Carson.
Carson: A casino... a mansion... No no! I got it! Playboy mansion!
Palmer: Playboy... its a school Carson! Are you sure you don't know Anthony DiNozzo?
Going to a different subject, McGee was wearing a boy scout suit. I remember when Timmy stepped into the office, Tony, of course, noticed him.
Tony: Seriously Probie. I don't make enough fun of you?
Personally, I think Timmy looked great in the costume.
Going a bit off the main subject [again], Tony and Ziva had to go on a very long trip to the woods to look for a suspect (cause he taught survival in the woods).
Tony: So David, are you ready to go on a very long road trip with me?
Ziva: I'm driving!
Tony: I'm dead.
The next morning, they got to the edge of the woods. Tony kept griping how Ziva's reckless driving kept him up all night. If I were to talk to Tony I would tell him that if HE drove, he would have had to stay awake. Either way, he would stay up all night. Ziva and Tony got the forest map out of the trunk. Ziva wanted to navigate.. but so did Tony.
Ziva: I am a trained navigator!
Tony: I got an 'A' in geography. And i'm a senior officer.
Ziva: I''m also a trained assassin.
They did rock paper scissors: Tony won. Tony started going his own way.
Ziva: TONY!
Tony: What!?
Ziva: The trail. Its that way.
I remember when Tony and Ziva found the survival class, the class mentor had already bolted. One of the city slickers exclaimed that he saw a deer.. A big one!
Tony to Ziva: City slickers saw something. It was a deer! A big one!
Going back to the former subject, the team gets everything resolved. Tony was determined to get his champ title back on the movie quiz. He would have if didn't make a typo. Tony was baffled until Carson did tell him about the typo.
Tony: I bow to the champion.
Carson: A hand shake will do.
Tony did so. And instinctively, the two of them did some sort of secret hand shake (movie based I bet). Please note, that is the first time the two of them ever met. As Carson left, Tony said that there was 'something about that kid.' McGee and Ziva grinned.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uber cool car!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We watched the Avengers!

It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was funny, it had loads of action and they managed to make the relationships between the Avengers mesh together pretty well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yep. I have finally joined Pottermore! :D I have a tabby cat for an avatar and my wand is Beech, Phoenix feather, 13 inches long and unbending. :) I went through Pottermore pretty slowly (mostly cuz I wanted to read the exclusive content from J.K. Rowling). But finally.. FINALLY I was getting sorted. My sister (Hawk) and one of my friends are both Hufflepuffs (Badgers, Puffs). Now.. on Pottermore, when they sort you, you need to take a personality quiz. You just have to answer absolutely honestly. And I did. Now... one of they questions was if I wanted to be known as: the Great, the Kind, the Wise.. bla bla bla bla bla. I chose Great. Now when I chose that, I didn't mean, like, fantastically famous. I just meant I wanted to be great at something (movies or geology). Anyway... I'm a Slytherin. I was surprised.... but let me tell you... Just because we are snakes does not mean that we are bad. We just get a bad rep cause we are in the same house as Malfoy. I'm willing to bet that the Gryffindors are totally vain just cause they are in the same house as Harry. Anyway, all the Slytherins are really nice. One has a sister in Ravenclaw and another was also really surprised when she was in Slytherin. Pottermore is fun!