Wednesday, April 11, 2012

200th episode here we come!

NCIS has gone through 9 seasons. Millions of things have happened to the team through the seasons, Tony gets framed, Abby became a protector to a 'killer' german shepherd, McGee has trouble after he shot someone, Gibbs is no.1 suspect to a murder case (and Abby is the solver), Kate gets killed around season 3, Ducky's new girl friend is a navy killer, Ziva has broken up with her CIA boyfriend cause he killed a navy officer. And now... NOW the 200th ep is coming our way!! I have seen the previews of it... and it keeps showing Gibbs in a breakfast restaurant seeing is entire team... plus his dead best friend and his dead daughter and first wife. My Dad thinks he goes through a 'awesome almost death experience'. I agree... But we'll just have to see...

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