Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of the letters that I sent the Cricket Mag

Dear no.1 buggy a.k.a Cricket,
How have you been doing? Cricket, what does it take to stand some annoying and bossy characters? What happened on round two of the cricket fight (feb 2011)? What happened to the princess after you left (feb 2012)? Do you think Ladybug is ADHD? What does it take to be a leader of a gang? You DO know that Ladybug likes you, right? Have you ever made any music? Have you ever had a girlfriend? How old are you and the other buggies in human years? What is the oldest piece of literature? What literature is your fave? Do you like the Homer stories? What would think of being treated like royalty in the time of the chinese emperors? I hope you are OK.
Humanly yours,

Dear Bernadette,
It's good to hear from you again, but wow—you ask so many questions! I'll take a stab at them but it's also Cricket League contest deadline today, and I promised I'd gather the entries from the mailbox for Old Cricket. I don't have a specific diagnosis for Ladybug—she's unique! When her behavior seems overpowering, it helps to just pay no attention and think about my other friends. Yes, I love making music! I forget exactly how old I am. I just celebrate my birthday whenever I feel like having a party. Yes, I love the Odyssey. Off the top of my head I'd say that the Bible is the oldest literature that's still commonly available and whether one is a religious believer or not, it still contains so many great stories involving all the great themes of literature—life, death, love, hate, struggle, praise, thanksgiving, family, right, wrong, etc., etc., etc.
I'm off to get the message-in-a-bottle poems.

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