Thursday, January 5, 2012

You are an NCIS maniac if,

You dream about NCIS.
You dance when you hear the NCIS theme song.
You start acting out your favorite scenes of NCIS.
Your mobile ringtone is the NCIS theme.

Slap Maniac: Gibbs
You show love by slapping heads.
You drink black coffee with no sugar.

Tony Maniac: Tony
You look in the mirror all the time.
You call wild drivers "ZIVA!"
You call the office juniors "probie."

Computer Maniac: McGee
You think your computer feels love and pain.

Caffeine Maniac: Abby
You think your computer is your life.
Your three meals a day are Caffeine, Caffeine and Caffeine.

Speed Maniac: Ziva
You drive ignoring traffic laws and traffic signs.
You hope to take up knife throwing class.
You kill anyone or anything that annoys you.
You sleep with a gun under your pillow.

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