Friday, October 28, 2011

NCIS ranks: Ziva

#4 Ziva
Now, usually I don't have anything against Ziva. She shows girl power and is sweet in her own violent Ziva way. But I dunno, there is one thing about her that I don't like. I'll show you at the end.

  • Her name. Her name is Ziva David (say: Da-Veed). Which I think is a pretty cool name. Like, both pretty and cool.

  • Her rules are cool and I have at least two faves. ;) "It is OK to be childish and have fun. Not as much as Tony though." and "Knives don't run out of bullets." ;)
  • Like I said at the top, Ziva is kinda sweet in her own violent Ziva way. Like this line that she told McGee after McGee asked her what she would do if someone killed him.
Ziva: I would hunt him down and make him regret the day he was born.
  • Here is the thing I don't really like about her. For some reason, I find the Ziva centric episodes slightly boring. Sorry Ziva.

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