Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NCIS ranks: Tony

#3 Tony
Ok. I don't have anything against Tony. He is very funny, yet very annoying (which is both Ok and bad). Thus, here are the things I LOVE about him.

  • He is very flirty (lady's man if you will). Which is fine with me, cause that is just seems so... I dunno... Tony!
  • All the names he calls McGee are very creative (I think). McGPS, Elf Lord, McGeek, Probie. Why does he call McGee Probie? McGee has been their for 6 years. Then again, one of his rules, as he told Ziva, is "I say 'Probie' with love."
  • For some reason, I can stand Tony mocking McGee about his fear of dogs and heights.
  • And yes, I have a favorite rule. What is it? "Do something to annoy McGee to cheer yourself up." Here are a few lines for example:
Ziva: You look like you need some cheering up.
Tony: If I wanted cheering up I would have put super glue on McGee key board.
McGee: Hey! (His fingers stuck to his keyboard) You put super glue on my key board!

Ok, here are the few things I don't really like about him.

  • Almost whenever there is a wife involved in the crime, she is the prime suspect. For Anthony DiNozzo she is at least. For some reason, I can't stand that. Very very smart Tony. Very smart!
  • Tony's method of trying to cheer up McGee... I dunno... I find it slightly inconsiderate. If you were wondering, here is a hint: One of Tony's rules: "When the going gets tough, the tough go clubbing."
Ok, I lied, I do have a few things against Tony. But any way, tomorrow, (at least I think tomorrow) I will post some more!

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