Thursday, October 20, 2011

NCIS ranks: McGee

#2 McGee.
Ok, so he used to be in number 1. But Abby took over. But I still like each and every thing about him. :)

  • I love is intense fear of dogs makes me laugh ALL the time. Like the time in Dog tags when Abby asked him to look after Jethro. ;P
  • He is a computer geek, which is cool. But what is cooler is that he is a hacker. ;) But don't worry, he only does that when they need to hack into a criminal's computer records. :)
  • His relationship with Tony is hilarious! All the tricks he plays on McGee to annoy him. ;)
  • There his something about him that is slightly sweet. Like the time he turned on the electric fire for Tony after he got doused by the backyard sprinkler.
  • His rules are amusing and pretty straight forward. 
  • The time he spends on his typewriter, I dunno, I find those times the best. And they sorta show who Timothy McGee is. The other best times are when he spends his time "Free writing".
  • I find his "other" job as a writer so McGee, that I don't think he would be "McGee" without him spending the night at home trying to get over his writer's block. Or writing about "McGregor"and his friends Tommy, Amy, L.J. Tibbs and Lisa (AKA McGee, Tony, Abby, Gibbs and Ziva).
Well that is all I can think of, but tomorrow I shall be covering... well you just wait and see.

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