Saturday, October 29, 2011

NCIS ranks: Gibbs

#5 Gibbs
Gibbs is cool. I mean, he is like a father to Abby. And his head slapping thing is hilarious! But he is a little scary (which is probably why he is in 5... Then again maybe not). I will write down the few things I like (and don't like) about him.

  • His habit of slapping McGee and Tony upside the head whenever they do something wrong or something is really funny!
  • Their is one rule that has stuck with me for a long time (maybe because it is pretty straight forward and simple or something) is "Don't go any where without your knife." It is cool but it gets old after awhile...
  • His looks are cool. Like he gives Abby a certain look whenever she should be giving the evidence but instead is talking and talking and talking. He gives McGee a look whenever he says something stupid. Like I said, they are pretty cool.
Ok, so Leroy Jethro Gibbs would have been inside number 4 but I think Ziva is cooler... OH! Got to go! Terra Nova is starting in 1 minute 45 seconds and counting! Bye!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Steel

Ya! It was SO cool! What made it even better is that it was set in the year 2020 or something and yet everything looked pretty normal, except for the fighting bots and phones and computers. And when I say normal, I mean the world was not extreme future (like floating cities and flying cars and stuff). It was a pretty awesome movie, and really cool (did I mention that already?). I took only two pics in front of the now showing poster, but they are cute anyway. ;P

NCIS ranks: Ziva

#4 Ziva
Now, usually I don't have anything against Ziva. She shows girl power and is sweet in her own violent Ziva way. But I dunno, there is one thing about her that I don't like. I'll show you at the end.

  • Her name. Her name is Ziva David (say: Da-Veed). Which I think is a pretty cool name. Like, both pretty and cool.

  • Her rules are cool and I have at least two faves. ;) "It is OK to be childish and have fun. Not as much as Tony though." and "Knives don't run out of bullets." ;)
  • Like I said at the top, Ziva is kinda sweet in her own violent Ziva way. Like this line that she told McGee after McGee asked her what she would do if someone killed him.
Ziva: I would hunt him down and make him regret the day he was born.
  • Here is the thing I don't really like about her. For some reason, I find the Ziva centric episodes slightly boring. Sorry Ziva.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NCIS ranks: Tony

#3 Tony
Ok. I don't have anything against Tony. He is very funny, yet very annoying (which is both Ok and bad). Thus, here are the things I LOVE about him.

  • He is very flirty (lady's man if you will). Which is fine with me, cause that is just seems so... I dunno... Tony!
  • All the names he calls McGee are very creative (I think). McGPS, Elf Lord, McGeek, Probie. Why does he call McGee Probie? McGee has been their for 6 years. Then again, one of his rules, as he told Ziva, is "I say 'Probie' with love."
  • For some reason, I can stand Tony mocking McGee about his fear of dogs and heights.
  • And yes, I have a favorite rule. What is it? "Do something to annoy McGee to cheer yourself up." Here are a few lines for example:
Ziva: You look like you need some cheering up.
Tony: If I wanted cheering up I would have put super glue on McGee key board.
McGee: Hey! (His fingers stuck to his keyboard) You put super glue on my key board!

Ok, here are the few things I don't really like about him.

  • Almost whenever there is a wife involved in the crime, she is the prime suspect. For Anthony DiNozzo she is at least. For some reason, I can't stand that. Very very smart Tony. Very smart!
  • Tony's method of trying to cheer up McGee... I dunno... I find it slightly inconsiderate. If you were wondering, here is a hint: One of Tony's rules: "When the going gets tough, the tough go clubbing."
Ok, I lied, I do have a few things against Tony. But any way, tomorrow, (at least I think tomorrow) I will post some more!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NCIS ranks: McGee

#2 McGee.
Ok, so he used to be in number 1. But Abby took over. But I still like each and every thing about him. :)

  • I love is intense fear of dogs makes me laugh ALL the time. Like the time in Dog tags when Abby asked him to look after Jethro. ;P
  • He is a computer geek, which is cool. But what is cooler is that he is a hacker. ;) But don't worry, he only does that when they need to hack into a criminal's computer records. :)
  • His relationship with Tony is hilarious! All the tricks he plays on McGee to annoy him. ;)
  • There his something about him that is slightly sweet. Like the time he turned on the electric fire for Tony after he got doused by the backyard sprinkler.
  • His rules are amusing and pretty straight forward. 
  • The time he spends on his typewriter, I dunno, I find those times the best. And they sorta show who Timothy McGee is. The other best times are when he spends his time "Free writing".
  • I find his "other" job as a writer so McGee, that I don't think he would be "McGee" without him spending the night at home trying to get over his writer's block. Or writing about "McGregor"and his friends Tommy, Amy, L.J. Tibbs and Lisa (AKA McGee, Tony, Abby, Gibbs and Ziva).
Well that is all I can think of, but tomorrow I shall be covering... well you just wait and see.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NCIS ranks: Abby

So ya, I am obsessed with NCIS. So I decided to show you which my fave, to least fave, characters are.

#1 Abby.
This took some thought. She used to be in 2nd. But after seeing quite a few episodes, Abby is really into number 1! Here are the things that I LOVE about her:

  • Her extreme quirkiness: Well hey! Who wouldn't? I find that Abby is not Abby with out it! Like the one time she wore some pretty wacky socks. Not only that, but they didn't match. Said it was "mismatch Monday". What is even better is that she admits she is weird! Here is an example:

McGee: Why are you acting like that?
Abby: Like what?
McGee: Your acting weird!
Abby: I am weird!
  • Her extreme love of science: She can't STAND it without her lab! What is great is that she can't stop if you ask her about the evidence!
  • Her fumbling talking: I just find the way she talk lots of fun. She sorta fumbles with her words. What is better is that I some times talk like that. ;P
  • Her love of dogs: There is only 1 episode I know when she shows it (Dog tags) and that one is my fave episode! I like the way she showed exactly how much she love Jethro (the dog), by locking herself and Jethro into her office to keep animal control from putting him down. Watch the ep yourself! But here are a few lines:
Abby: What happened to you?
McGee: I got attacked by a vicious dog. Be careful!
Abby: Well what happened to the dog?
McGee: He got shot.
Abby: *gasp* (looks in car) Who would shoot this poor innocent creature?
McGee: Abby! Be careful! That dog is not innocent!
Abby: There (takes off muzzle off dog) thats better. Who on earth would shoot you? (widens eyes and turns) McGee!
McGee: Abby! That dog attacked me! He killed someone!
Abby: Dogs don't kill people, McGee! People, kill people!
McGee: Well dogs of people who kill people kill people!
Abby: Why would you shoot this cute little dog?
McGee: He's not cute and little, he's huge and... vicious!
Abby: Shut up, McGee! Good dog! BAD McGee!

  • Her relationship with Gibbs and McGee: I love the way Gibbs is like a father to her. And you can tell that she like McGee. ;P
  • Her rules: Every character on NCIS has rules, and I find her wacky rules lotsa fun!
  • Her green eyes and pigtails: I find her pigtail a way to show how wacky and smart she is. And I dunno why, I find her slight green eyes very captivating. :)
  • Her caffeine obsession: I find that kinda fun. :) Like, you have to give her some "Caf-POW" (her coffee) before she gives you the evidence. (but some times it is the other way round, depending on who is the boss). ;P
Well, that is all I can think of for now. But I bet there is a LOT more awesome things about Abby! By the way, I am watching Dog tags right now! YAY!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caramel Huiku

By: me
Golden like the sun
Like delectable treasure
This is caramel