Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today started out normal, I got up, I ate breakfast, I sat down to read. Then got up to dress. I read some more. Oh, by the way, Uncle Eric and Aunt Mary came yesterday and they brought their dog, Stella. So I played with Stella, then read. Until mom told Hawk and I to go and ride our bikes.

Now to under stand the story that is coming up, I have to tell you that I watch a lost of detective shows. I like them, but I some times think that I have watched to much. Like I think that there is some one underneath my bed, spying on me. Well, today I was really glad that I watch lots of detective shows.

Early morning is not my favorite time to ride my bike. I think there is some one who will jump out of the woods and jump on me. But Hawk really wanted me to go, so I went with her. Now there is this basket ball hoop on the top of a hill, that is were we usually stop and turn to go back to the house. But this time, we were a quarter way to the basket ball hoop, when I heard a car behind us. Hawk and pulled over. I really hoped the car would just speed by, like always, but this time, the car slowed down. The young man driving the car, rolled down his window, and asked me if we had lost a dog. I said no, and he and his friend went away. I turned to Hawk, and told her that I wanted to go back to the house. She looked a little surprised, but said OK. When we got back, I told mom what had happened, she said that she was glad that we had gone straight back to the house.

And that is why I am sometimes glad that I watch lots of detective shows.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Nadi,

And no. I am not writing a letter to myself. My friend, Louisa DeHart,
has a blog called: Dear Nadi, for me. She calls it that because I gave her
the idea. The adress is: And plus
she has a website she made at collage:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i like today

I would post a story, but I am writing on my nook.
But I am comfortable.
With Kitty on my lap and a cool fall breeze, it is very nice.
And Kitty really likes me!
I like today!