Monday, September 20, 2010

My travel to here

Kind of long, so I will try to summarize it.

Well, we went on a big plane, we weren't jumping up and
down in excitement because going on planes is perfectly normal for us.
In the big plane was a lot of seats, in the back of each seat was a small TV.
I didn't think it was fair that only the first class people were allowed to watch,
How to train your dragon. Any way, I watched a little of Harry Potter 1,
most of Charlotte's web, and all of Marmaduke. Then we landed in China.
We waited for three hours to get on a different plane. I was not that pissed off
because there was a playground in the airport, and a toy shop next to it 
for me to browse. When we got on, the same movies were on it. But I did
watch a little of Robots, and a little of Prince of Persia: Sands of time. 
After-words, I slept. When I woke up, I watched a little of the movies that
I already watched, and played a game. It was not such a big treat having Lion
tap the back of my seat, because his screen was dark. Then I watched a little
of Eragon before we landed. Then we checked in to a hotel in Los Angeles.
We ate breakfast for dinner, Mommy got us some hot chocolate. It was good,
exepted I burned my tongue drinking it. The next day, we road two small
planes. Now, here we are!

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